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Only months away from what would be Krave’s 10 year anniversary, we received confirmation that on July 27th, 2014 Krave’s doors closed once again at what was to be their temporary home located at the Tommy Wind Theatre. This comes shortly after their previous downtown location slated as “Krave Massive” became what you could call a massive failure after a whirlwind of bad press due to the previous owner Kelly Murphy’s past of indiscretions which included financial impropriety and prison time. August 1994 in San Antonio, TX,  Murphy pleaded guilty to bank fraud  when he got caught using his 7-year-old son’s Social Security number to obtain a total amount of $73,500 on three different bank loans.  Murphy was released from jail in December 1995.

On October 2nd, in an unusual hearing at the Las Vegas City Council Kelly Murphy’s two liquor  licenses were denied and the publicly broadcast meeting ended Murphy’s nightclub career in  Las Vegas and any chance of receiving further city funding. A gentlemen stating his name was Matthew Greppin known to everyone else in Las Vegas as Kelly Murphy’s longtime employee “Tyler Caiden or DJ Tyler Caiden” tried to convince the city council that he had just purchased drink and drag a day before the hearing. Later, the original owner of Krave, Sia Amiri, claimed that he had purchased the Krave Massive liquor licence. All claims were denied and in an immediate response Sia Amiri moved Krave into the old Empire Ballroom space to try and revitalize the name that Kelly Murphy had so badly tarnished with his questionable business practices such as the billboard above Piranha Nightclub, his office space across their street and his constant attacks on Las Vegas Pride with his own “Official Pride Events”.

Who will be Vegas’ next gay megaclub on the strip? The answer is club EQUALibrium.This 21,000  square foot family operated  mega club that is actually located on the strip and not inside a casino, is the newest and largest gay nightclub to be introduced to Las Vegas. Following a multi million dollar renovation Arlene Riccardo says she was eager to launch EQUALibrium.Arlene, a beautiful blonde italian woman from New York, states “It’s always been one of my dreams to have my own gay club. People always say that I am a gay man trapped in a womans body, and its true. I love my gay friends and drag queens and I’m all about equality for everyone. That’s what inspired the name EQUALibrium, equal rights for everyone.” Arlene made it very clear that Club EQUALibrium is in no way shape or form involved with Krave, Kelly Murphy or Sia Amiri.

Club EQUALibrium
has started operating Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays opening nightly at 10pm. The club features the only 18 and over event in Las Vegas every Sunday. Aerialist performers “The Sky Boys” bring exciting entertainment to the nightclub along withthemed nights, drag performances, special guest celebrity performers, cash prizes,  travel giveaways and more every weekend. The venue has absolutely everything. The two level nightclub features a massive theater stage for shows and concerts, a gorgeous balcony terrace with a view of the strip, over 40 VIP booths, 4 huge bars, a brand new state of the art sound and lighting system, confetti launchers, snow machines, and unique visualization shows. When asked about the locals, Arlene stated that “locals will always have an option for free entry on most nights. We love our locals, they are who we cater to more than anything, and they are who nevada needs to give equal rights to, marriage is for everyone, by the way.” The nightclub features the hottest male and female Go-Go’s on the strip, affordable drink prices such as $5 long islands on Saturdays and all you can drink liquor busts. The venue is located at 3765 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Las Vegas, NV 89109 across from the Monte Carlo in between Walgreens and Fatburger. For VIP reservations call 702-763-7077 and for more information



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